i heart buttercup

Daydreaming ...

Can't wait til the weekend is here.
The places we could go to.


Life's a party...
Lets dance!

Bubble Gum

What is with bubbles that I love so much?
Must love to live in my own little bubble.

Feeling Down

What do you do when you're feeling down?
Lots of cupcakes and donuts.
Especially ones with pink frosting and sprinkles.

Happy Easter!!!

easter egg hunting and dressing up.
don't forget the treasure map.
and the PEEPS.

happy easter weekend everyone.

4-day weekend

off early to see my favorite person this weekend.
travelling is fun.

ice cream are best for all occasions.
even on cloudy & cold days like today.

A slice of heaven

for vi,
her favorite cake.
the triple berry cake from sweet lady jane.
happy 30th.

Bike Day

i love sunny days.
this beautiful weather calls for a bike ride in the park.
happy sunday.

Blowing Bubbles

it's way more simple just playing with bubbles.

Tee Time

for alex,
attempting to make an effort at golf.
someone said this is supposed to be a lot of fun.
the best part, i might have to say, is the outfit.